In mythology Titano (Titan) epitomizes majesty, courage and strength derived from a power, at times greater than that of the Gods, and which, periodically was actually used against them.
Titano is a high-end private office collection, defined by its bold, austere and inherently elegant design. The new catalogue provides various appealing design solutions for luxurious private offices. 

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Archimede is the latest executive collection from Alea. A functional and elegant executive series with a unique frame leg design (an L-shape ring leg combined with a straight ring leg). The worksurfaces come in different finishes: laminate, crystal lacquered and leather with polished aluminum edge.  

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Zefiro Exe

Zefiro is the natural evolution of the office environment to a higher level of awareness and understanding. With the use of innovative technologies, the crafting of this sophisticated product is focused on promoting environmentally conscious engineering. The series offers essential lines and leads to modern minimalism. The tabletops are supported by a frame comprised of extruded, brushed and anodized aluminum.


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Eracle is our top high executive line. The series is the combination of innovative design and high end materials. It is the perfect fit for executive offices, conference rooms and residential spaces. The leg is the signature feature of the Eracle collection. Its innovative shape  comes in aluminum finish as well as in wood and leather. The table frame matches the finish of the leg. An alternative to this innovative leg is a panel leg (for more privacy) and a base, single or double (for conference tables). Sophisticated materials differentiate the Eracle table top such as: leather, crystal glass, wood  and laminate.

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Odeon is an elegant executive system that combines classic and modern looks. It is a versatile managerial collection featuring 1" 9/16 thick panel legs and tops. The desks can be selected among several types as freestanding desk, panel-based desk, desk with fixed low storages. It offers different finishes like our inexpensive  melamine finishes or more sophisticated as wood, back painted glass and leather.

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